Just like radio, you listen and you make the pictures in your mind. This album summonses pictures, it arouses thoughts and emotions with its artistic arpeggios, its immaculate musicianship (credits as long as the Italian coastline) and its impeccably produced instrumental blend. It has atmosphere and it has adventure. It is a film…in sound.

And so to
equilibrium itself. It is discussed in physics, in chemistry and of course, in mathematics. But the greater majority of us think of equilibrium in terms of intellectual and emotional balance. Tension and release are surely universal qualities. Here you will hear the quiet storms that abate to calm balms. You are energized and then you sigh deeply, you are soothed.

The album opens with a tango-tinged funfair ride. It brings a smile to your face, but you are now primed and subliminally feel that there will be more rewards to come. Further analysis of the individual tracks will be superfluous and subjective. Because this is
your seesaw ride.

The compositions resonate with creative composure. This is no soloist’s springboard. This is collaboration born from catchy, thematic mini-symphonies with delicate textures and voicings, both contrapuntally and harmonically fugitive.

In-Equilibrio is a unique, enchanting and endearing addition to the Losen label.

David Fishel