31 Club Notturno

Club Notturno

Welcome to Club Notturno!  With this album you have a front row ‘cinema’ ticket to an auditory journey like no other. Composer, keyboardist and bandleader Alessandro Deledda states that the album pays homage to a golden era of cinematic music; the ‘cop films’ of the seventies with their jazzy and funky scores.  Club Notturno has the feel of a live performance captured in every harmony, rhythm and melody, brought to you by an outstanding Italian band.
Jazz has deep cultural roots and historical significance, making it a rich source of inspiration for filmmakers exploring themes related to societal change, rebellion, and the human condition. Cop films of the seventies often delved into these themes, and jazz provided a fitting musical counterpart.  Jazz musicians have a unique freedom to express themselves through their instruments. This artistic liberty enables them to convey complex emotions and narratives, which aligns with the multifaceted characters and storylines often found in cop films.
During nine captivating tracks we travel the length and breadth of Italy…from 7
Ore A Palermo to Hotel Milano including Rome’s ring road, the G.R.A.  Excellent musicianship is presented throughout the album with virtuoso soloing from each band member.  Alessandro is a truly gifted composer and arranger.  The charts are tight, punchy and where appropriate, sincerely convey the thrills of the chase.
The use of electric instruments, synthesizers, and wah-wah type effects became more prominent in 1970s cop film scores. This shift in instrumentation allowed composers to create innovative and experimental soundscapes. Such film scores often became hits in their own right, and their popularity extended beyond the films themselves. The music became closely associated with the era and continues to be celebrated and sampled in contemporary music. 
Club Notturno is a prime example of a highly original modern-day tribute to a musical genre that transcends generations.
David Fishel