22 Marstrander
Marstrander Trio - Old Times, Beautiful Boy

Many modern electric guitarists have dabbled with digital. Few have accomplished what Mathias Marstrander displays here. The delays or echo effects are an integral part of his facility to create rich tapestries of sound and are indeed a characteristic of his unique instrumental expression. On repeated listening, you become less aware of the effects themselves and more aware of the unmitigated integration of guitarist and guitar. The delays are perfectly rhythmic and create a bespoke individuality for this most talented composer, arranger and bandleader.

There is an essential balance in this exceptional debut album. A balance created by the use of electric guitar and acoustic bass. The double bass is the tree, the foundation, the sonorous source of stability.
Arne Toivo Erik Fjose Sandberg, is a highly accomplished instrumentalist with a delightful tone and fluency of articulation.

The third member of the trio, who met during their degree courses at the prestigious Grieg Academy in Bergen, Norway and formed the band in 2017, is drummer/percussionist,
Sigurd Øygard Steinkopf. With his warm-toned pattering, his crackling patterns, his developed sense of time and dynamics, he is the catalyst that melds and merges, that fuses the unit.

Mathias writes: The album tracks “…find themselves at the crossroads between composition and improvisation and draw inspiration from jazz, rock, contemporary music, free impro and film music. The music ranges from cinematic sound surfaces (Opening), to composite works (Window Song, Final Soldier) to abstract, more conceptual songs (Building Towers, A Long Story).”

Maestro Marstrander delivers here a master class in composition, in performance and in the production of vibrant, indispensible contemporary music. An auspicious debut – save me a front row seat!

David Fishel