David Fishel - English tutor

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Who am I?

My name is David Fishel. I’m originally from Liverpool, UK. I spent 6 years working in London and 21 years working in Norway (mostly Oslo). My wife is from Rome, so I have some understanding of Italian.

My qualifications:

BA (Hons.) degree (including Advanced Creative Writing).
TEFL certification.
NVQ level 4 in business.

Work/life experience:

  • Twenty years working as a radio presenter, producer and newspaper columnist.
  • I record and produce voice-overs for industry and culture.
  • Lifelong musician, currently running Liverpool Jazz Club.

Who do I teach?

Teens and adults who wish to improve their level of spoken and written English whether it be for education, work, culture or hobby.

How do I teach?

I conduct positive and fun-filled sessions which are tailored directly towards building my students' confidence. I am patient, enthusiastic and most importantly, I pay great attention to my students’ particular requirements.

Generally speaking:

I have travelled extensively throughout my life and have an instinctive feel for the best way to help people improve their understanding of English and their conversational skills.